Halloween 2001

Where We Began.   This was our first year of decorating for Halloween.  We decided 2 weeks before Halloween that it would be cool to do up the yard for Halloween.  Oh, how much we had to learn!

Halloween 2002

Welcome to Sunnydale Cemetery!  We started Mid-September this year.  And STILL ran out of time!  LOL  We added an organist and a dungeon to our celebration.

Halloween 2003

Thanatophobialand -
Where You Face Your FEAR OF DEATH!
After spending our honeymoon in July wandering graveyards and going on a ghost tour, we came home ready to work!
We started the beginning of August and bought a casket the end of September.
We put in a lot of time & energy and it really shows!

Halloween 2004     

The Expansion of Thanatophobialand
This year, we’ve started planning right after last Halloween.  In March, we acquired our 1986 Pontiac Parisienne Hearse.  We plan on expanding to our backyard and garage this year as well!

Halloween 2005

Once again, we've grown!  We'll need to move soon just to get some more room!  LOL

Halloween 2006

WOW!  What a year!  First, our hearse, Drusilla, was used in a music video.  Rick even made it into the video!  Then, HGTV came out on November 1st and filmed our yard!   Unfortunately, it wasn't all good.  Rick's cousin, Shirley Dorn, also passed away this year.  In her memory, we dedicated our yard display to her.  We miss you, Shirley!

Halloween 2007 

Each year only gets better!  Once HGTV aired "What's With That Halloween House?", the crowds came!  What awesome people we met!

Halloween 2008

We revamped our Funeral Home and added a few more props/bodies!  It just gets better!

Halloween 2009

After Rick ended the 2008 season with a double hernia, the decision was made to take a year off.  Thank you for all the comments on how much you missed us!


Halloween 2010

WOW!  What a welcome back!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving so generously to Haunts Against Hunger!



Our Corpse Cruisers!

Check out Drusilla and Illyria!



Ironstock 2005

LasRyds Hearse Club